PostLesson Thoughts

* The Happiness from Work
Just came home after my coaching.
Tired but smiling=]
We`ve sat on a beach of windless sea and learnt the Law of Attraction. What could be better than that??
More such lessons!
Thank you, Raivo, for your attention and marvellous surroundings you live in!

* Are we energetical beings only when we peel ourselves and where our past goes then, huh?

“When you start to separate electrons and protons from nucleus, like peeling of cores of onion, it releases massive energy”
“And when you die, your body release energy, what clerics call soul”
“But the most interesting is, when you are alive, information is stored in you, and when you die this information is released to be stored in other place”
“Like Dropbox.Virtually everywhere…”
Is enery – soul – information field – the same?
And where is stored this information? Here in our millions year old Planet Gaia?
Well, then term “hounted” explains me something…

* English nightmares – something worse then homophones.
Propably you know,it is hard to learn and teach the difference between,say be and bee.
But how can a foreign learner separate meanings of can and can,nail – nail, head of and head to and other identical words?


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