Reviews About us


“I give the highest score for my teacher, because apart from classical learning we play interactive games and do only these things which are of my interest.”

“Thank you,you were my best teacher!”

“You are excellent English teacher,because you LOVE English and don’t stay in one level. You improve your teaching skills day by day. You care about students and try to give us everything new in language. You always are available  to students for help as much as possible. In my case Ars Docere helps me draw and discover my hidden source of speaking skills. We speak about everything and in this way I learned new words, expressions and use of grammar rules.  After learning with Ars, I think I have  great results!”

 ”From my experience I can highly recommend – if you want to learn English privately, do it together with Ars Docere. They have individual approach to each student: finances, public relations, law or something else – Ars Docere manage to improve your language skills about any theme that you need in daily work (but meanwhile also they can help to prepare students for exams). Ars Docere aren`t typical school teachers who teach only from school books.  Ars Docere have interesting techniques and they can tell you about difficult topics in attractive, understandable way.
Very important thing – Ars Docere are very flexible about teaching schedule – that is very important for those who try to join work with language lessons and other activities.
Ars Docere teach English so well that after their courses you could teach English to others too!“


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